We’re adept at identifying most of what we need to know in our initial meeting.

Technical & Transparent

Our proposal will clearly illustrate everything you need to know, and even what you may want to know.

Paperwork and Permits

We’ll assist with navigating any red tape or complex processes to get the approval you need.


It all starts with the initial meeting. Our decades of experience makes our process as simple as possible for you while providing us everything we need to produce a proposal that will meet your needs and ultimately help make your project succeed.

1. Proposal


Our advisor will schedule an initial meeting to go over the spec and scope of the project. We will undergo a discovery process that is insightful for both us and our client, to identify any potential concerns that may have a large impact on the project, and to develop a proposal to suit the client’s needs. The proposal will provide the breadth of work and an executive summary of the project. At this time, a timeline for project deliverables will be discussed to ensure that the project is on track.

2. Drawings


We will develop a technical drawing, capturing the features of the project on one page. The drawing will communicate the complex procedures and structures in a clear and concise manner. Upon client review, we will discuss any questions regarding the drawings and any revisions that our client has come up with.

3. Approval


We will submit a final drawing to the owner or project manager, which can be used to apply for the building permit and for tendering to our client’s contractors.

4. Review


We will complete a field review to ensure that the safety, quality, and design conditions are met, compliant with all jurisdiction and building code requirements.


Note: At Linkfield, we strive for value to our customers and we promote a streamlined project design and delivery system. Changes are good with good planned revisions for value however additional services charges may apply with significant drawing modifications due to time spent.